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tuesday november 6th.. election day! 3 3 3 3
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3 3 thh votes are coming in as we speak on this ellction day... & recent polls... the race for the white house is going to be a close one. one.tom rodgees has a breakdown of the latest numberr... along with your sttries. official winner is announced.f - announced.thh "real-clear" shows president bbrack obama -
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with a light lead over governor mitt romney.3 of the polls in the avvrage... show including the most recent poll... actually show the rrce these final hours are crucial for the presidential candidatess.. as they present campaign traal.ts on the "does rrising taxes put people to workk (no!) how about his doessthat help small lations, - businesses? (nn!) how about his plan to require companies to have unions whether the employees want to vote for thee or not -- card check, does that create jobs??(no!)) you passed the test.""and if you're willing to ork withhme agaai, and knock on ssme doors with me, makeesome phonn calls por me, turn outtat the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin, we'll win this election. " "the candidates will continue to reach out to americans as they cast theii votes. president obama wwll dd
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interviews throughout the day from chicago... and romney will make appearances in pittsburgh, pennsylvania and cleveeand, ohho. election day is not whaa it used to be. instead of one day for millions to cast their votes.... now most states offerrearly voting on many days. and in maryland morr than 430 thousand vottrs have already cast their balloos. the number of early voters as 2010. soohow busy will the polll still be today? jjel d. smith is live at a polling site in cocceysviile with more on thh tiies to avoid lines. - 3 whileeearly voting... was a about.... 55-aryland...../ percenn of people ...
9:05 am vote today... polling sites ... will be open... from... 7 a-m too8 p- m....//// fficials say... to... avoid having... to stand & long lines ...// come... before your lunch houu.....///... the llter it gets, the more people are expected to show up at the pollss alss, to streamline you are going to vote... with questions, senate seats, and ,3 of courseethe presidentiall election... this is a long ballot thii year. 33 "it's all in being prepared on the ballot and if voters ns &pwwold read over that from the sample ballot and be prepared wait."remember in maryland t." voters are noo required to show i-d. all you have to give is our name, address and date of birth. 3 3 coming up next half hour a closer look at somm of the controversial questions n tte ballot that is bound to drive pp turnout. live in cockeyyville,,joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news.
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3 our viewers are already lining up to vote.check out this high school in thh city. see it...shoot it.. send itt you can upload photos and videos offpolling places to dot com and cllck on the "see - itt shoot it, send it can also senn photos directly from your cell hone too pics here's a quick look at five election day in maryland.
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maryland.the polls are open from 7 a-m to 8 p-m. will have four ig ballot questions to vote on. qqestionn4... or the maryland state tuition to illegal immigrants who mmet certain cri. pou decide whethee the state's map will go into - effect.question 6... would legalize same sex marriage in &pfirst.and uestion 7 would pable games and bring a casino to priice geerge's county. maryland isn't thh only state with ssme sex marriaae on the ballot today.voters in maine and washington state will also get to cast theii vooessonn whether orrnot to legalize it innthhir states.if it passes in any of the three states.. t would be the irst time .. same sex marrragee as made legal by popular vooe.court orders have madd it legal in six ssates so far. voterr in three states will
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and wwshington would allow on - adults to poseesssmaal amounts subject to state regulation and taxes. &p a nevada wwman is facing for trying to vote twice. can see roxannee rubin being taken away by federal ageens... affer fellow voter tipped of the rubin is charged with one in the same's a class d felony... which firefighters are on the scene of a alarm fire in fells point.the fireebroke out just before 5 this morning on south broadway.. but firefighters are still working on putting out hotspots.the fire departmentttells us it's a vacant 5 story commercial report of any injuries at this time. 3
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a philldelphii eagles player plays "possum"... in a surprising n-f-l play... between the new orleann saiits. but.. it didn't have the for.take a lookk.. look...eagles playerrbrandon boykin akes theekick in his ennzone... but check out rilly cooper... lying down on the otherrside of he endzone.. bookin throws across to cooper boykin's pass to cooper... came out and he eagles were penalized and had the touchdown taken awwy.
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do you see it? it?the major mistake prees ad. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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3 take a walk through the rain forest and enjjy tte sights and sounds of otter aquatic ani. animals. emill racey is at tte national aquariummin baltimore to tell us all about this mornings hometown hotsppt.- how mmcc are prices after five? - whattcan e see?- what else 3
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is going on at the national aquarrum in baltiiore? baltimore? discount prices for fray's after five will
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run through march from 5:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.for mmre baltimore dot com slash morningg dot com slash morning. commng up... uh oh. 3 oh.the major mistake innthis national ad... featuring drew brees. you're 3
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an ad deeigner makes aapretty big boo boo... when photoshopping an ad for "vick's" "vick's."check it this pd featuring a split screen of drew brees awake.. and then asllep... his biithmark is on his right cheek in one picture... and on the left cheek in the's no secret that aay print ads are photoshopped beyond reccgnition.. but this phooo is making the rounds onlineeas a glaring example that it's not just limited tt supermodels. - ,3
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3 3
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3- get down to your goal weight.. before the holidays hitt prim belly fat.. bbfore the turkey packssit back on. and.. do you have questions for our expert??e're takingg your cclls after the break.our ppone lines a e open now... 411-481-4545 you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3)) nn!nn!n!n!n! 3
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&ppake control of your tummm.. before the holidays.danny lee frrm golds gym ii back takiig your calls for get fit ith fox.ii you ave a questions ccll us at 410-481-44-455ou our facebook or twiiter page. before we get to callls.. he's got more tips on trimming your tummy.-how many times a week should we workout to see
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week shhuld we -how many times should we workout to see
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results? kimberly- bmore bmore3 jeanna- "what type of diet and excercise would
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you recommend for someone who bbu also be healthy?" 3 3 also be healthy?" 3 save money today... without feeling he pinch.
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you're watching fox 45 good day baat 3
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3 3 3& shawna ap 3
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3 assweehead into election romney virtually deadlocked. deadlocked.right now... all eyes are on the swing ssates. tom rodgers is hhre with lattst numbers... along with your other top stories. good morring guys,winning the white house... means inning an eye on. on.according the "real-clear" politics average of polls... the closest appears to be virginia wheee we lines polling average shows w the - president obama leading by point.florida... shows governor roonny with... a point and a half lead. lead.the ppesideet appears to be ahead in ohio by almost 3
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points.still this one could be pennsylvanna... the prrsident is ahhad by nearly 4 . points.he won northhcarolina &i romney ahead now in thattstate that these final hours are crucial for the presidential candidates... aa they present campaign trail... some of them president obamai want to take this oppprtunity to say ( wipes off the first tear ) one thing to all the youug people and ot so young people who've given so much to this pampaign over the years. thhse other. for a aid off family a fallen friend ( wipps off the second tear for all of &pyou who've lived anndbreath the hard work of change, mitt romneynnts: "" can get real change to get this nation grooing again.(cheering)" romney sayss "thank you for &pthe work that ss many offyou have been doing. // now let's
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make sure we gee everyone out to vote on tuusday, everyooe you know, bring to tteepolls (c" (cheering)"righh now... the polls show it s very close and it could be a long night... f not longer... before aa official winner is maryland voters are deciding several cootroversial ballot issues, including same sex marriage. and those questions are expected to drive up turn out at thh polls. polls. joel d. smith is livv at aapolliig looation in cocceyysille ow, with more on 3xpected turnout, and a closer 3 3 3 guys more than 430 thousand voters are alrrady voted! 3
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& it's assmuch of an merican
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((break 5))
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((ad lib meteorologistt) it could be a prescription ffr disaster.the food and drugs you on't want to mix.
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and see why millions have chosen fios over cable. while your preparing for your thanksgiving meal... you may &pwant to think about otherr thaa are less fortunate.paul's donations.jaana powell from paul's place joins us this morning with more.- whattis paul's place?- how many did you service last year?- who gets
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theebasketss- hoo can people 3donate?
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donate? &pfor more information and to drop off your donation log on to foo baltimore dot com slash morning. interactions... ut what about food and drug inteeactions?the fooos you shhuudn't eat if pou're takiig certain're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7))
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&phave o be careful about what shouudn't be mixed with adina fradkin from g-b-m-- joins us this morning with more.- what are some of the common mistakes we make?-
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hhw do we know if we mixed it? it?- how do we knoo - how do do happen we mixed it?- if we - toomix medicine with driiks
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phat should we dd? do? to learn more about food and drink morning.ions... log on to fox - 3 3 3 3 a week after hurricaae more stormy weather.what a f - when. you're waaching fox 45 good day baltimore. >> thousands of christians are leaving egypt in fear. >> it is an exitous of biblical proportions just over the last 12 months.
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>> as the shift in political power favors is lack an islam and their radical forms. >> american christians are very concerned about their brothers and sisters in christ here in egypt. what should they do? >> the exitous of christians from egypt electiio day has arrived. the
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turnouu in marylann and down. ttnighh on fox 45 news at fivee.
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>> i was too young to understand what to do. >> lee: he went face to face with a demon, and got an offer he couldn't refuse.

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